List of SCPD Officers

Here is the complete list of all 89 members of the Santa Cruz Police Department as of August 19th, 2011.  This was received by a Records Act Request.

100Vogel, K
101Bush, J
103Flippo, D
104Barry, W
105Baker, B
106Perry, D
107McPhillips, J
109McMahon, C
110Martinez, R
111Conner, M
112Eveleth, M
113Clark, S
114LeMoss, C
116Medina, M
117Campbell, S
118Escalante, B
119Sanders, M
120Harms, M
121Richard, L
122Swannack, E
123Garner, S
125Auldridge, J
126Clayton, B
128Huynh, M
129Crofts, G
130Bynes, W
132Cockrum, D
133Kelley, J
134Ross, D
135Deeg, K
136Pendleton, S
137Hernandez, J
138Rogers, K
139Dukelow, R
140Emigh, D
141Bayani, P
143Peabody, E
144Ahlers, T
145Vasquez, N
146Bailey, M
147Azua, B
148Teaford, A
149Vigil, C
150Hoppe, E
151Kendall, T
152Ganzel, A
153Cecena, K
154Warren, B
115Vasquez, A
156Kiar, R
158Pawlak, D
159Schonfield, L
160Trog, J
161Martin, A
162Crowell, F
163Guerrasio, D
164Winston, B
165Inouye, R
166Mulvihill, M
167DeOcampo, P
168Hillier, B
169Jones, C
170Hedley, M
171Fincutter, E
172Butler, E
173Hansen, W
174Shields, T
176Coffey, E
177Seiley, E
178Hatcher, B
179Rodriguez, S
180Badeo, R
181Burnham, I
182Gunter, D
183Clark, B
185Gallegos, J
186Williams, D
187Young, T
188Aguilar, A
189Cline, B
190Morey, W
191Nottingham, A
192Venegas, S
194Duarte, M
195Terry, S
196Rodriguez, A
197Garcia, J
198Forbus, D (David)
199Forbus, Da (Dan)

The Public Records Act is designed to give the public access to information in possession of public agencies: "public records are open to inspection at all times during the office hours of the…agency and every person has a right to inspect any public record, except as . . . provided, [and to receive] an exact copy” of an identifiable record unless impracticable.

Here is a first rate pamphlet on making Public Records Act Requests in California:

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