Make a Report

Report police misconduct in Santa Cruz County, including excessive force, abusive behavior, intimidation, brutality, perjury, discriminatory prosecution, incompetence, malfeasance, or negligence. Document violations of your civil rights, including the right to free speech, right to assemble, and right to equal protection under the law (1st and 14th US constitutional amendments, respectively).

Be aware that we do not post every Bad Cop Report we receive and that we frequently edit those we do publish. Please see our editorial policy here.

Attribution vs. Anonymity

You can decide whether you want to make your report anonymously or use your name or offer contact info. Leaving contact info may make it easier for someone else who may be fighting police in civil or criminal court. If you file your report anonymously, but leave private contact info, we will attempt to contact you if someone could use your testimony while fighting police in criminal or civil court.