Homophobic Police Assault In Santa Cruz

Officer: SCPD Officer Dan Brierley
Charge: excessive force, harassment
Date: April 25, 2006
Location: Pacific Ave & Church, Santa Cruz

Eyewitness account of the assault and false arrest carried out against Shane (Tammy) Maxfield by Santa Cruz Police Officer Dan Brierley:

"I am a witness in the case of Shane (Tammy) Maxfield, case #065-04163. Shane was handcuffed and forced to sit down against the chainlink fence on Pacific Ave/Church for [obstructing] traffic. He was actually helping a friend and another witness, David Bliss jump David's battery to move his van out of the handicapped space.

The officer [later identified as SCPD Officer Dan Brierley] refused to give me his name and badge number. I begged him twice not to arrest Shane as he is severely ill with AIDS and has just started a dibilitating HIV cocktail of Trevada and Sustiva. He laughed at me and said "That's not gonna happen." I told him Shane might die of stress in jail and he guffawed and shrugged me off.

It was apparent the officer realized he hadn't charged Shane with anything yet as he pulled Shane up by his coat, slammed him against the fence and forced the top of Shane's head to barely touch him. He said: "Now I've got you for battery." This was in full public view of at least 40 witnesses at 1 PM on April 25,2006. Before the sergeant could take stories from witnesses Shane was put in the police car and taken to jail. His arraignment is May 15, 2006. The jail personnel were sympathetic and thought the whole incident ridiculous"


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