UCSC Police Pepper Spray and Beat Students Involved in Tree-Sit Demonstration

Officers: Various UCSC Police Officers
Charge: excessive force, police brutality, civil rights violation
Date: November 7th, 2007
Location: Science Hill, UC Santa Cruz

From bradleystuart.net:

Early in the morning of Wednesday, November 7th, 2007, activists opposed to UC Santa Cruz’s Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) launched a tree-sit in redwoods near Science Hill. UCSC plans to develop the occupied site into a new Biomedical Sciences Facility.

One person was arrested by UC police early in the morning. Police surrounded the site, where at least 4 activists were 50 feet up redwood trees. A scheduled rally and march that began at 11am drew hundreds of supporters to the site. A tense standoff with police commenced, as supporters attempted to get close enough to the trees to send up supplies. Police pepper sprayed the crowd and at least four people were arrested.


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